Customised Healthcare

Let us help you take ownership of your own health now with no extra costs!

EasyCare Plan



Benefits +

Dedicated Doctor

Appointment priority with same doctor

Telemedicine Follow-up




Follow-up reminder

Medication Refills

Claimable Benefits Check

Vaccination reminders

Care Coordinator Chat Support

Reply within 24 hours

24-hour Support

24-hour Support

Care-coordinator meeting (up to 1 time/month)

Phone call and physical meeting

Phone call and physical meeting

Free Delivery

Health App to sync data with clinic

Health coaching

Supplement and wellness advice

Aesthetics advice

ePharmacy Corporate Rates

Home visit (1 time/year)

Bluetooth Monitoring Devices worth over $400 included




(3 year plan)

Which of the following applies to you the most?

“I am currently on stable long-term medications”

Select the medications you are currently on and have us arrange follow up for you.
We can also deliver medications straight to your doorstep and arrange for refills!

“I would like to receive care for a certain condition"​

Let us know what condition you have and let us do the rest!
We will look through your benefits, your current medications and advise on the latest evidence-based practice to help manage your condition.

“I would like advise on higher quality branded/new generation medications.​"

For customers who have side effects to generic/older generation medications
and for those seeking specific branded medications for their day-to-day conditions.

“I am worried about costs..."​

If affordability is your concer, we can help you seek for cheaper generic alternatives
or lower cost branded supplies to suit your current chronic medication. We will advise on equivalence.

“I would like advise on lifestyle, sexual health, wellness, and aesthetics."

For customers who are healthy and want to go the extra mile to protect their health and wellness.
Fertility and contraceptive advice can be provided as well.